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Baphomet goat leather mask by MidnightZodiac Baphomet goat leather mask by MidnightZodiac
Same mask as WTH. View from the top.

Welcome to Hell...leather mask of Satan, Mephistopheles, Lucifer, Beelzebub, Baphomet, Goat of Mendes, Pan, the Devil

Icon of diabolic witchcraft and black metal. The lord of misrule..."the return to the mystical void of Khaos, exemplified by ritual reversal and cosmic inversion at the liminal cusp of time and being."
From "Masks of Misrule" by Nigel Jackson.

The lord of the gates of matter, bestial deity of the counter-human world, the sabbatic goat of the witches. Baphomet the hermaphroditic egregore of the Knights Templar as illustrated by Eliphas Levi and delineated with intuitive lucidity by Madame Blavatsky as the primogenitor archetype of the lust for existence. Primeval nature god/goddess whose serpentine spiral horns represent the risen kundalini, DNA activation, spiritual evolution, immortality.

The black goat also features in the book "Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep". This goat was conceptualized for a planned Blade Runner bestiary of replicant creatures.

This mask has been designed from my original sketches based on several different caprinid animals used as reference. Including the wild Bezoar goat, markhor, Siberian and Alpine ibex. The gathered ridged horns are influenced by antelope such as springbok, gazelle and saiga. I draft a front portrait and corresponding side view which I refer to during wet forming. All shaping is done by hand, I use no sculpture to form this mask upon. The elaborate needle sculpting that creates the features and delineates the musculature is planned into the pattern, much like origami this phase is experimental and has an element of surprise. Often I discover more sculptural possibilities than I imagined and this is why I love doing fabric manipulation techniques in veg-tan tooling leather.

Multiple pattern pieces were drafted individually for a dimensional baroque assemblage method. Grotesque ragged ears, curved horns with a gentle spiral based on the phi golden ratio (like the nautilus) drafted from a polar grid, and separate lower jaw with wire frame structure and black flame shaped beard with velcro attachment for removability.

Surface is dyed/painted satin (not glossy) black...several coats of liquitex mars black. Fully sealed interior with foam padding for perfect fit. Black elastic round cord with adjustable sliding cord lock secures the mask.

Interior is approx 75% lined with suede, leather and foam. Horns are reinforced with boning wire hand sewn within a leather casing.

Dimensions, top to bottom 23 inches. Across the ears 20 inches. Will fit average size male or female faces.

Available in my etsy shop,
Sleetwealth Featured By Owner Oct 30, 2011  Professional Traditional Artist
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